Who We Are

We are business management consultants based on the Gold Coast, servicing clients throughout Australia.

We Solve Problems

We work with organisations to solve problems and improve business performance when they are stretched beyond their internal capabilities.

What We Do

Our consultants provide expert advice, independent feedback and manage projects in four service areas.


We work with you to formulate the principles, plans and action you need to take in order to prioritise and achieve your objectives.


We evaluate your internal process controls, report on compliance issues and identify areas for improvement.


We help you identify, evaluate and prioritise risk by developing the strategy to manage uncertainty and adverse outcomes.


We prepare you for management system certification from policy development through to worker consultation and training.

Our Approach

Our approach is built upon established and proven process improvement and problem-solving methods.

Identify Issues

We start by processing and using information and data. We then define the problem, brainstorm and filter ideas, set expectations and develop an implementation plan.

Test Solutions

The second step is to take action and test whether the ideas and proposed changes work. We are also interested in any unpredicted challenges that present themselves.

Analyse Results

After testing we review whether the planning and action were effective in solving the problem and meeting expectations. We recalibrate and adjust as needed.


The final step of our approach is the implementation and delivery phase. We are committed to designing solutions that deliver measurable improvement.

Our objective at Consult Manage is to “solve problems and improve business performance” in a way that any changes you implement deliver value and eliminate waste.

Finally, we leave with you a framework for developing and implementing continuous improvement. Your improved business performance is now your new baseline.

Our Work

Below are some recent projects.

How We Can Help

Get in touch with us today about the results you want and why you need them. We are happy to help identify what you might need and offer you a no-obligation Project Roadmap.